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Marine Aquarium
Our Marine Aquariums are Designed using good
Quality A grade glasses and other raw materials and
stringently tested before delivering to customers.
You can spend many enchanting and tranquil hours
with your Reef Aquarium from designed by
Aquarium Chennai.
Marine aquarium that keeps marine plants and
colour full fishes in a contained environment.
Limited maintenance on our marine aquarium setups.
Marine aquarium is further split by hobbyists
into fish only tanks, with or without live rock, and
reef aquarium. Marine fish species are generally
rely on mechanical and chemical filtration.
Marine Aquarium use live rock, a material composed
of coral skeletons harbouring beneficial nitrogen
waste metabolic microbes, as a means of more
natural organic filtration.
In India Live Rocks and Corals are illegal.
Marine fish keeping is different from its fresh
water corresponding item because of the
Fundamental differences in the constituents of
saltwater and the resulting differences in the
adaptation of its inhabitants.

A stable marine aquarium requires
more equipment than freshwater systems, and
generally requires more stringent water quality
monitoring such as protein skimmer,
uv sterilizer etc.
In India, Marine Aquarium designed, developed by Aquarium Chennai is a living work of art,
a treasure for the eyes and imagination of its owner. We will deliver what you imagine
Our Trend of Marine Aquarium Can be placed in Residence,commercial place malls, pubs, etc.
Various advances in filtration allowing a more natural equilibrium in the Marine
aquarium environment.

We commonly test the water in the aquarium for a variety of chemical pointers of
water quality to make Marine fishes life healthy.
Specific gravity –pH -Nitrite –Nitrate  –Phosphate – Alkalinity -Copper ppm.
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