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Aquarium Chennai offers Acrylic to Construct
Unbreakable and huge aquariums.

Acrylic Aquarium is stronger than glass, softer than
glass, and more flexible than glass aquarium,
making it far more impact resistant and not nearly
as prone to chip or crack as glass.

Acrylic Aquariums weigh 50% less than glass making
it far more manageable to move.

Acrylic Aquariums insulates 20% better than glass
aquariums reducing temperature flux.

An Acrylic Aquarium has molecularly welded, clear
polished seams that literally make the tank one
solid piece of material unable to leak and therefore
guaranteed a lifetime against defects of

Acrylic Aquariums are as clear as optical glass
(at 93% transparency it passes the most light of
any material) providing a noticeable difference,
especially in larger tanks where normal aquarium
glass adds a green tint - acrylic tanks remain crystal
Acrylic Aquarium
The durability of acrylic tanks not only
Minimizes the risk of serious damage
to the aquarium itself, but helps
prevent water damage to floors,
property, and more importantly,
physical injury to people and pets.
In addition to being stronger and more
Flexible than glass, acrylic aquariums
are up to 48% lighter!
acrylic aquarium