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Welcome to aquarium Chennai. Dear all, is there too
much stress in your life? Do you want to relax, but you
feel like you're too busy and if you're looking for
something to take your mind off then you might want
to consider aquarium for you. You will immediately find
your stress level dropping as you engage in this hobby
and the sounds of the water watch your fish swim and
the slow moving of the fish after a hard day's work will
relax you almost Once you get your tank up and running
and fully stocked with colourful fishes you will find your
stress level dropping and you will have discovered a fun,
lifelong hobby.
Aquarium Chennai provides full aquarium setting
anywhere in TamilNadu and other States in India
Enjoy a beautiful Marine Aquarium, Freshwater
Aquarium, Natural Plant Aquarium, Artificial Planted
Aquarium, Vastu Aquarium, Wall Mounting\Aquarium,
Customized Aquarium, Cylindrical Aquarium in your
home, Office, Restaurant, Gym, completely hassle-free.
Our technicians are trained professionals in aquarium
care and will work to ensure the success of your
customized fish aquarium  ecosystem.
Aquarium Chennai will deliver and install your fish tank
and equipment, stock the aquarium with the fish
package, plants, Toys, and other creatures of your
choice, and provide full maintenance on a weekly or
bi-monthly basis. Aquarium Chennai will set up a
maintenance schedule at your best convenience.
Aquarium Chennai promises a colourful and
diverse aquarium display in your home or office that
will provide hours of pleasure and beauty. We also
guarantee peace of mind. We take care of everything!
All you do is feed your fish and enjoy the natural view.
Aquarium Chennai offer different type of aquariums which
Will help you to forget all tribulations make free from
constant worry you and your family forever.
Marine Aquarium, Planted Aquarium, Tropical Aquarium,
Plasma Aquarium |Wall mounted|, Cylindrical Aquarium,
Tea Table Aquarium and Customized Aquarium. For all
your need please step in to our show room to find suitable
aquarium or just dial us. To get an estimate for you a new
aquarium setting in any where India please contact us,
we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Contact us:
Office:     044-22383662
Mazhar:   +91-9094959626
Afzal:      +91-9566005515

Visit our Aquarium Showroom @
Aquarium Chennai:
No 2, Masthan Sahib street,
Nehru Nagar,
Land Mark- Near Noor Masjid.